Stephen Wolfram is Famous for being Very, Very Clever

Dave Cox, Lean Mean Fighting Machine: 

As a physics professor he developed a theory that says that the way to solve physics, all physics, is to “mine” the “space” of all possible algorithms until we find all those that describe the world. Easy.

So on that general theme he’s dedicated his academic and business life to solving problems with computation. The news is that he’s unveiling a new programming language that has all the knowledge of his famous Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha engines built in. It’s called Wolfram Language, predictably.

It sounds amazingly powerful. I can see hundreds of uses for my own agency, in our products, but also internally for our own use. Within minutes we could knock up a pretty fancy Facebook analytics tool that cross references data with anything that Wolfram Alpha knows, which is a lot. 

He went on to talk about a future where more and more problems are solved computationally. A really interesting example was law. Law is perfect for computation, it’s a load of rules. Trading systems already make decisions based on some legal knowledge, but what about a future where lawyers are replaced by apps. Utopian. (Although my mind instantly jumped to whether you could ask your phone to suggest something really terrible you could definitely get away with).

He finished by asking what humans will do when computation has solved all problems? I wouldn’t worry about it. Judging by my reaction to computational law, there will always be plenty of problems for him to solve.

Dave Cox is a founding member of Lean Mean Fighting Machine. Head of Tech, Innovation etc.